Conduct and Protocol

Before The Hunt

Be Prompt
When arriving at the meet, and you have a guest, introduce your guest to the Honorary Secretary, pay the capping fee (if applicable), and then go to the Masters for an introduction.
Greet the Huntsman while he or she is gathering hounds and greet the Field Master before he or she gathers the Field. Thank them both at the end of the day.
Your horse and tack should be clean, neat and in good repair.
You should be neat and clean as well. Do not wear anything that could get caught in trees or obstacles and cause injury to your or your horse.

During The Hunt

If you choose to ride in First Flight Field, please maintain the pace of the Field Master. Those who wish to pick and choose their jumps should ride in the back of First Flight.
When jumping, don't approach the take-off area until the preceding horse and rider have taken the jump safely and advanced 3 or 4 strides.
If your horse refuses to jump, circle away from the jump to the right or left and go to the back of the field or if there is a gap in the approaching horses "get a tow". Slip in behind a willing horse and follow it over. Never go around a jump as it is being jumped.

Conduct In The Field

The Master, Hunt Staff and hounds should be given the right of way at all times. Always turn your horse's head so that it is facing the hounds, Master or Staff as they pass.
Stay behind your Field Master at all times.
Please be quiet while hounds are being hunted. Speak in a low tone. All hallooing (calling out to and attempts to give direction) to a hound by members of the Field are not only bad manners, but apt to spoil sport for everyone.
However, if hounds come in between horses or you can see that a hound will be coming close to other horses, let others know by calling "hound please" to alert members to give the hound the right of way. If the hound does not appear to be in a position to encounter horses, NO CALL is necessary.
If you see a danger to another rider, such as a hole or a low branch, you should call out "ware hole" or "ware branch".
If a Whipper-In or Huntsman is coming from behind or ahead and will need to pass through the field of riders, let others know by calling "Whip please" or "Huntsman please".
If you view a fox and the hounds are on the line, do nothing to interfere with the hounds or the fox. If you view a fox as he breaks covert and the hounds are not on the line, do not make a sound. Wait for him to be well away from the covert, then signal the Field Master by raising your cap so he/she may choose whether to "Tally Ho" or send a rider to the Huntsman. Do not lose sight of where the fox broke covert. You may be asked to show the huntsman exactly where you viewed.